Estate Planning & Inheritance

Domestic and International Estates and Inheritance

Spring Law Gibraltar can advise individuals and families on their estate planning requirements. This begins with a detailed understanding of an individual’s objectives and goals, together with an analysis of any current asset structuring. The succession arrangements may then involve some tax planning, structuring and drafting wills taking into consideration the location of assets and the implications of the new EU Succession Regulation.

Inheritance and Probate Issues

In addition, Spring Law Gibraltar can advise beneficiaries on inheritance and probate issues that arise during the administration of an estate. It is not unusual that members of a family have residences in several different countries. Owning assets in different countries can complicate the probate and succession process. Spring Law Gibraltar has experience dealing with international probate issues, the drafting of wills when different jurisdictions are involved, and can assist when succession laws of different countries are involved. In some cases the use of asset protection structures such as trusts may avoid the difficulties that can arise through probate procedures in different countries and the application of forced heirship rules that apply under civil law and sharia law.


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